I was born in İzmir in 1988 in a Mediterranean winter day as a girl who is a physical copy of her father from the day one. My favorite free time activity in my childhood was crying over the fact that I do not have any physical similarity with my mother. It was only when I started to grow up to see myself in solo photographs that I started appreciating my father’s genes.

Ever since I held my very first camera in my hand, bought by my mother when I was 15 and packing my suitcase to travel to The Netherlands for an exchange project, I have been taking pictures. Even though my personality and my ways of expressing myself have drastically changed over the years, the most fun part of taking photographs for me is still capturing the souls of people through their faces.

So I took photos of people in Turkey, Cyprus, England, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Luxembourg, Belgium, Israel, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Cuba.

This blog features environmental portraits I took across the world as a hobby and photographs from humanitarian field work thanks to my job based in South Eastern Turkey.

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I graduated from the department of International Relations of Middle East Technical University in Ankara, in 2011 and hold a Masters Degree at European Studies from The University of Bonn in Germany. After completing my masters degree, I blogged for Hürriyet Daily News and practiced journalism in 2012. I had worked as a Press Officer for 2 years in an Embassy in Ankara before I settled in South Eastern border city Kilis to work as a Liaison Officer for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) for a year. My professional journey brought me to Gaziantep a year ago in order to hold my current position at the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) as a Senior Communications Associate.